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Hi friends and lovers,

It’s me, Julie…the accidental granola maven – a.k.a. the founder of Granolust.  Welcome to our very first blog post!!

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The backstory is, I’m a terrible cook.  I love to bake, but cooking is not my thing.  I graduated from university with a degree in journalism and worked in fashion for 20 years – the last 10 of which were spent as the International Sales and Brand Manager for a Montreal distributor of a line from Paris.  Exhilarating, exciting, and also exhausting!


"The backstory is, I'm a terrible cook."

Julie, The Accidental Granola Maven


Granola was always my go-to breakfast.  With little time on my hands it was an easy grab-n-go, and the perfect topping for a healthy snack.  Years ago I discovered a recipe from a random detox diet plan that called for organic ingredients (not something I cared about at the time), gluten-free oats (I loved gluten), and on top of that was vegan (I was the biggest carnivore out there!)  I tweaked it a little, leaving out some wacky ingredients I had never heard of (what even is puffed millet?) and replaced the nuts with ones I preferred.  It was VERY SIMPLE.  Basic ingredients, easy to make which I  knew because I was able to make it, and delicious (dare I say!).

small batch artisanal granola, gluten-free, all-natural, plant based

That’s where my culinary expertise began and ended.  When I say I’m a terrible cook, it’s no lie. When my kids were in elementary school, once or twice I’d been known to send them to school with grilled cheese sandwiches, minus the cheese.  True story.  Luckily, my husband is an amateur gourmet chef and foodie.  He loves to whip up new dishes, experiment with ingredients, and has virtually made every snack and meal in our household for the past 20 years (bless!).  Friends would clamor for dinner invites, so when they saw MY granola they were half shocked that I was making something and half shocked at how delicious it was.  A few times I had goodie bag requests but that’s where the fanfare ended.

By 2016 I was burnt out.  Travelling all the time, long hours at the office and raising two teenage daughters was taking its toll in every way.  After much deliberating, I resigned from my job and went back to school to see if journalism still got me fired up (it didn’t), and got even more involved than I had always been in philanthropy.  It felt good to help others and have more time for my family. 

About a year into this new life, on a girls’ night out, a friend of a friend who happened to be the owner of Rejuice, Montreal’s premiere juice bar, blurted out “I’m looking for a new granola supplier”.  My friends insisted Joanna try mine – pan to the look of utter shock on my face.  She was searching for a cleaner alternative to her current supplier – something more in line with her juice bar’s ethos.

She was using granola as a topping for their smoothies and bowls. When she asked about my ingredients, she was thrilled to learn that I used coconut oil and coconut palm sugar instead of the less healthy and refined stuff (again, all quite by accident).  She asked me to make a batch, which I happily obliged.  I ran a Ziploc bag of the stuff to her the next day and forget all about it. 

Two days later I got the call.  Her staff was obsessed with it, they had devoured it and she needed me to make 12 kilos a week. I laughed out loud, literally, and said thanks but no thanks.  There was no way I could make 25 pounds of granola in my house in a week.  She insisted I make whatever amount I could manage…and the rest, as they say, is history.  Our best selling Triple Nut Crunch was born.

And so, with zero culinary skills I began doubling and tripling the recipe and got up to about 4 or 5 kilos a week. Fast forward a few months and after much encouragement from Joanna I started making individual bags for people to take home. She told me that in addition to loving my granola on her smoothies, people also wanted to buy it for themselves and use at home, like they did with her juices.

In August of 2017 Joanna and I simultaneously put it up on social media, and before we could say “you had me at LUST”, my accidental business was exploding!

Within a few months I’d added a 2nd flavour and Granolust was available in about 50 local stores.

Sexy branding, packaging and additional flavours soon followed. Today you can satisfy your cravings for LUST at over 175 of the country’s finest gourmet & health food stores, fitness clubs, restaurants, hotels (wink wink), juice bars, in monthly subscription boxes and gift baskets and many online sites, just to name a few! And this is just the beginning…

The LUST List



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Happy Reading LUST lovers!

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