Rescue All Dogs (RAD) & Granolust - the perfect match

Have you noticed it seems like there’s a “National Day of….” everything these days?!? As I write this blog post in late February, apparently today is National Cabbage Day. In fact, March is National Celery Month in case you want to make a note of it…

All kidding aside, there are certain holidays that resonate more than others for us and National Justice for Animals Week is one of them. As huge animal lovers, Rescue All Dogs (RAD) is a non-profit organization very close to our hearts. RAD is focused on rescuing dogs which have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or are scheduled to be euthanized in high kill shelters.  Based in Vancouver, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec, RAD has regularly rescued dogs not only from Canada, but also from the United States and overseas in the Middle East. 

Rescue all dogsDogs in Lebanon

Pictured above: BETA shelter and some of their dogs, Beirut, Lebanon

After the devastating explosion at the port of Lebanon last summer, a devoted team of RAD volunteers went to Beirut for 3 weeks to help their partners at BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) deal with the animals affected by the blast.

Whether they were left behind, lost, injured, or abandoned, BETA did everything in their power to save as many as they could and take them in at their already overflowing shelter. And that’s where RAD stepped in and brought 30 dogs back to Canada where their extensive network of foster families got involved to house these dogs and rehabilitate them before offering them up for adoption.


Pictured above L-R: Granolust founder Julie Wiener & RAD rescue Rey; Rey rocking some Granolust merch; Rob Leonard, RAD Communications & Outreach, Julie & Rey

Knowing that the situation remained dire in Beirut, all RAD wanted to do was get back there to continue saving dogs. But between the COVID challenges and not having enough money to do so, sadly they had to put their plans on hold. When we heard about it we knew we wanted to get involved and so we made a contribution so they could return. Two exceptional volunteers hopped on a plane  for a whirlwind 7 day trip and are coming home with 10 dogs. We are so proud of our involvement with this cause and are anxiously looking forward to meeting some of the new pups being brought back to Canada!

To learn more about RAD or to make a donation click here.

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  • Dear Julie,
    I’m so impressed that you’re using your Granolust platform to inform us about this important enterprise and to show us what a difference our help can make! It’s essential that we look outside our situation to see where we can help. Let us know what else your company is involved in!!

    Roz on

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